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Get Ready for Higher Taxes

Your paycheck is very likely to shrink in January. We're not talking small change, either. If lawmakers don't extend the Bush tax cuts for lower and middle-income families, people will see a big hike in their tax bill next year. For example:

  • A household making $40,000 would see its paychecks shrink by $95 a month if it had no children, $135 if it had one child and $165 if it had two children. That's up to $1980 per year!
  • A household making $80,000 would see its monthly paychecks shrink by $145 with no kids, $150 with one and $180 with two. Yes, that's $2160 per year!
  • A household making $100,000 would clear $270 less per month with no kids, $300 less with one and $335 less with two. $4020 is a chunk of change!

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