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Cancelled or Missed Appointment Policy

Because we do not double book, a missed appointment prevents our firm from providing a service to other clients with similar needs who could have been scheduled into a canceled appointment timeslot. A missed appointment also makes it difficult for our establishment to cover operational expenses. Our Missed Appointment Policy is designed to protect the business from loss of availability to our clients and increase the efficiency of doing business so that we can continue to provide a valuable service at an affordable rate to each and every client. If you are unable to keep your appointment, please notify us as soon as possible with at least a 24-hour notice. If you made your appointment online, there is a cancellation link in your confirmation email or our office number is 619.481.8115.

  1. Clients canceling their appointments within 24 hours of the scheduled visit or not showing for the scheduled appointment may be charged a missed appointment fee. Our office staff will contact clients who miss appointments to offer our drop-off service.*** If the client decides to take advantage of this service, no fee will be charged for the missed appointment.
  2. Our missed appointment fee is $75.00 per scheduled hour.
  3. Appointments canceled or rescheduled more than 24 hours prior to the date of the scheduled appointment are not included in this policy.
  4. Multiple appointments made by or for the same client are included in this policy and the missed appointment fee will apply to each appointment scheduled.
  5. We understand that events can occur unexpectedly and will take that into consideration before charging a missed appointment fee. In an effort to reduce the chances of such fees being charged, each client will be contacted one day prior to the appointment via telephone and via automated email.
  6. Clients that are running late for an appointment will still be seen but in an effort to be fair to any later appointments the return may be converted to a drop-off.***
  7. We respect that your time is just as important as ours. If, because of the fault of our staff, your appointment is missed or has to be rescheduled without at least a 24-hour notice, a minimum discount of $150 will be applied to your final invoice.

*** If your schedule is hectic or you are not sure if you can keep an appointment, please take advantage of our drop-off service where you can email, mail, fax or drop your paperwork off at our office (24 hour drop provided )at your convenience and have your return(s) completed in a timely manner by one of our tax professionals.

For more information about the services we provide, email or call 619.481.8115. Click here to book an appointment in real-time!

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